Andalucia begins the de-escalation and a return towards normality. The President of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno Bonilla, has appeared after presiding over a meeting of the committee of experts to announce a series of new measures before the end of the state of alarm this coming Sunday, May 9.

This coming Sunday, Andalucia begins its de-escalation, a process of transition towards normality that is made up of three phases linked to the level of vaccination that is progressively achieved.

The different measures to be taken must also have the approval of the judges.

The phases of the new de-escalation in Andalucia are:

  • 1st Stabilization Phase, from May 9 to May 31.
  • 2nd phase of progress, from June 1 to 21.
  • 3rd phase of normalization, from June 21 onwards.

For the moment, as of this Sunday, the curfew will be lifted, the region’s border will be opened, the maximum number of people who can meet in homes will be unlimited and the capacity allowed in shops, bars, restaurants, transport, and event will depend on the alert level declared in each municipality (four Covid alert levels are created depending on the health situation).

This Sunday,  the first phase of the de-escalation, the stabilization phase, will be activated with the following rules:

➡ PHASE 1 (from Sunday, May 9 to Tuesday, June 1)
▶️ ️ Curfew disappears.
▶️ ️ The autonomous community will be open, without perimeter closure. Travelers from other communities can come and you can leave.
▶️ ️ The hotel business can open until 00.00.
▶️ ️ Hospitality tables: maximum of 8 people indoors and 10 outdoors, but it will depend on the alert level that the district has.
▶️ ️ Celebrations / weddings with a maximum of 300 people indoors and 500 outdoors.
▶️ ️ Bars with music and discos will be able to reopen almost a year later, until 2:00 a.m. The dance floors can only be open in places in alert level 1 and only if they are outdoors.
▶️ ️ Cinemas, shows, etc., in levels 1 and 2 you will have to leave a free seat between people. In the rest of the levels, a meter and a half away.
▶️ ️ There will be no time limit on beaches and pools.
▶️ ️ Municipalities with more than 5,000 inhabitants with an incidence greater than 1,000 cases / 100,000 inhabitants will have perimeter closure and non-essential activity (a judicial authorization will be necessary for this). In municipalities with fewer than 5,000 inhabitants, a specific assessment by the Alerts Committee will be required

Currently there are no municipalities at level 1 in Andalucia.

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